Friday, January 22, 2010

Deer Dance in San Lucas

We were invited to a Deer Dance in San Lucas village on Friday. It was a spectacular ending to another memorable visit.

-Posted by Anita Dutrow

Deer Dance Celebration in San Lucas

Here's a few more pictures of the Deer Dance celebration at San Lucas. We've all read about the Deer Dance, but this was the first time any of us were lucky enough to see it in person!

-Posted by Anita Dutrow

San Miguel School Days

New friendships blossomed throughout the week at San Miguel School.Our teaching volunteers had their hands full with 184 students in three buildings at diffferent locations in the village. Students returned soccer balls and frisbees after recess then jumped up and down after hearing that they belonged to the school. The Infant II class (First grade) clapped and cheered when boxes of crayons were given to evey student.

-Posted by Anita Dutrow

All Saints Belize Scholarship Fund Recipients

The All Saints Belize Scholarship Fund currently supports fourteen high school students in the Toledo district of Belize. Raquel, Alicia, Adelita and Octavia are attending Julian Cho Technical High School. Fehelio attends Tumul K'in High School. We visited the brand new high school in the village of Corazon. We are sponsoring eight students from surrounding villages at Corazon High School; Nehemiah, Daniel, Ophelia, Theresa, Amalia, Benita, Clarita and Samuel. The students were eager to show us their report cards. Mr. Bol, Principal at Corazon High School, expressed his gratitude for our support. He is pleased with the community's encouragement and hope for a brighter future.
The grey building is Julian Cho Technical High School, Corazon High School is the brand new brown building (with the white lattice railing), the other picture is the "snack bar" at Corazon (and the lunch lady!)
-Posted by Anita Dutrow

Thank You (Bantiox!)

Thanks to everyone who supported our mission to Belize with prayers, encouragement, donated supplies and financial contributions. Collections organized at St. Katharine Drexel School, St. Joseph School in Cottleville and All Saints parish provided health items and school supplies for 570 children in Belize!
The 2010 All Saints Belize Mission Team:
Conde Canedy- St. Peters, MO
Jay Couch- St. Peters, MO
Joan Delabar- Southlake, TX
Carol Deveney- St. Charles, MO
Jack Deveney- St. Charles, MO
Anita Dutrow-St. Charles, MO
Ann Lacker- O'Fallon, MO
Shannon Lacker-O'Fallon, MO
Leslie Lihou-St. Louis, MO
Bob Mueller- O'Fallon, MO
Vernon Prinster- St. Peters, MO
Stephanie Saulet-St. Charles, MO
Make Schappe-St. Peters, MO
Tim Schappe- St. Louis, MO
Chris Schmid-Crestwood, MO
Jennifer Schroer-St. Peters, MO
Peggy Stamm-Overland Park, KS
Cathy Vivirito-Chesterfield, MO
Fr. Don Wester- St. Peters. MO
-Posted by Anita Dutrow

More Socio Economic Field Work

Understanding all the steps of processing Cacao

-Posted by Anita Dutrow

Socio Economic Field Work

A few more pictures from the cacao production field trip

-Posted by Anita Dutrow

Socio-Economic Field Work

Message from Mrs. Dorla Bowman, Director of Socio-Economic Outreach:
"Thanks for all that All Saints parish does for St. Peter Claver parish and the Toledo District. I appreciate you and your colleagues accompanying Don and Mario on SEO field work on our coffee and cocao processing research mission. This is something I have been working on for months, especially building a relationship and partnership with the Maya people involved."

It is difficult to describe the spiritual bond between the Maya people and thier land.Local coffee and cocao producers taught us to recognize a scenic rainforest hillside as an assortment of fruit-bearing and healing plants growing among carefully-spaced and pruned trees. We treasure our days spent with Mario and Donisio. Mr. Pop suggested that we bring our entire mission team back next year to enjoy his cacao . It's a date!

-Posted by Anita Dutrow

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wrapping up the week

We ended the week in beautiful Placencia. The sun came out and it was a perfect beach day! Mass on the beach at sunset was delightful.
The sailboat picture was from Sunday. Ann, Shannon, Chris, Mike and Tim spent a delightful day sailing.
The group who went on the Monkey Tour have lots of amazing photos-the tour guide was "talking" to the monkeys in the trees.
Sunday night found us all sitting out in the beach listening to the waves roll in, watching the stars and thanking God for bringing us together for a wonderful week.
Thanks to all of you for supporting us and praying for us.

-Posted by Anita Dutrow

Friday in San Marcos

It's hard not to fall in love with the little cuties!

Library walls just about finished.

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Working hard at the construction site, and then relaxing!

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Recess fun

We all love recess! The principal told the kids not to mess around by the construction site, but you can see that they didn't listen very well.

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