Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Almost Packed and Ready!

We have a new group of mission team members getting packed up and ready to leave cold St. Louis behind and head to warm and sunny Belize on January 4!  We have a good mix of old and new teammate with new friends joining us from as far away as Houston.
We started packing a few weeks ago, after the parish wide "Shopping As Jesus Would" collection.  All of the school supplies are packed for the three villages where we will be working.  That filled 12 LARGE suitcases, and yes, we actually weight them to get as close as possible to 50 pounds each.  The other 24 bags will be filled with religion books, tools, empty pill bottles, seeds, soccer balls, construction paper and an assortment of other goodies.
For our new Blog readers, this is a map of the area where we will be working. We will be in the villages of Otoxha, San Lucas and Corazon Creek.  The solid red line is the PAVED road, so you can see that most of our day traveling is on dirt roads. For reference, we stay in Forest Home. 
Check back for updates during the trip, and keep our safe travel in your prayers.