Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 20th 2014

It was a bittersweet day for us in Pueblo Viejo! Although it was full of celebration we are sad to be leaving our new friends. The painting project was finished in time for our departure from this beautiful place. The school threw us a going away party that was very moving. Thomas donated his guitar and Stephen, the principal, immediately sang us a song he wrote. Thanks were given and the people were truly thankful to have us be with them. Many tears were shed while the staff presented us with music and traditional dance and a wonderful barbecue meal. They even led us to their waterfall where we joined the children swimming. It was a great way to end the week; while also celebrating the beginning of a new friendship.

Santa Cruz - what a beautiful morning to end our week!  The children sang for us and we gave out flip flops to many of the children.  We were surprised by a presentation and luncheon by the children and principal, Ms. Zita. Each of us received a token of appreciation and a note of thanks. So many beautiful memories and plans to make for the future!  We are already planning future visits and look forward to our collaboration with our new friends!  Never good-bye; just 'until next time'. 

It's been a wonderful week here in Belize, new friendships have been made and many memories have been shared. As a side note, the women were ready and waiting for dinner before the gentlemen. Life is good here in Belize. It's hard to describe, in words, the impact this journey has had. We are truly blessed!

- The June 2014 Belize Team

Friday, June 20, 2014

June 19 2014

It was an artistic day in Pueblo Viejo. Sam and Lindsey were o-fish-ally excited to be teaching art together. We made fish, puppets, pinwheels, an painted! Jim, Bob, Ben, and Kathy got a lot of painting done and we are close to finishing our beautifying process.

Derlene, Thomas, and Madison enjoyed a day full of music. The students at Santa Cruz were delighted to learn of the many instruments that bring music to life.   Lets just say the students now know the Beatles' song 'Hey Jude' as performed by Thomas and Derlene.  The Standard 6 (grade 8) sang their graduation song, "We Are The World" for the team. It was awesome to witness to the excitement the students have to complete their primary education. 

Ann started her morning going to the education office to arrange storage and distribution of (at least) 80 boxes for the libraries that All Saints has donated! They should arrive here next week. Ann also met with Dorla, the Socio-economic outreach founder. Together they met with representatives of the village of San Marcos to discuss future plans to install a playground for the village children.  They then met with the principal of the village of San Pedro with the hopes of working together in the near future.  

The quote of the day goes to the Coffin Shop whose sign read, "they look so good u wish u were dead." 

Blessings from Belize,
The June 2014 Mission Team

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18 2014

Hello from Belize! We had a long and productive day here full of progress, friendships, and philanthropy. 

Pueblo Viejo is still being painted and currently has more windows and doors thanks to our construction crew- Ben, Thomas, Jim, Bob, and Kathy worked hard today to beautify the school. Derlene and Lindsey shared Language Arts lessons with students;  including an inspiring Readers Theater that Standard 3 excelled with! We have been truly blessed to work with such great students and staff.

In Santa Cruz- Madison, Danielle (our new Canadian friend), Sam, and Ann incorporated art and music, made pinwheels, created fish out of compact discs, and made canvas tote bags. The principal said she really enjoys having us and would like to establish a relationship in which we would come back every year! The PTA chairman is hoping we may help him purchase a new ladder for their school.

We just returned from an evening of fun including a visit to the Socio Economic Outreach office where we heard news on their progress. We then shared a wonderful dinner with Dorla at Mangrove restaurant, overlooking the Gulf of Honduras. With us also were recent high school graduates, Matilda and Candelaria, sponsored by the All Saints Belize Scholarship Fund. 

Our quote of the day goes to Ben who when working said we were going to do things, "the same but different." 

-The June 2014 Belize Team

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17 2014

June 17 2014

Today was a wet, wonderful day in Pueblo Viejo. Ben and Lindsey worked together as a team to install new windows in the new 'Feeding Program' kitchen. Bob and Jim painted the outside of the school with students and people from the town. Thomas, Ann, and Kathy led the children in song all day- soon the entire school had maracas and balloons and were making music. 

Derlene, Sam, and Madison spent the  day back in Santa Cruz. The youngest students were excited to play the jelly bean game. Of course it ended in jelly beans for all!  Madison enjoyed being with the kids more than painting. Go figure!  Sam and Derlene watched the standard 6 I.e. 8th grade practice for graduation. Their somebody 'We Are The World'. The students are excited about the prospect of high school. Watching the excitement on the faces of all the students was very rewarding. 

The quote of the day goes to Lindsey,"don't look at me like i'm stupid!" Tomorrow promises to be another day of amazing possibilities for our friendships with our friends here in Belize!


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Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16 2014

Santa Cruz was full of life and joy today. Jim, Derlene, and Sam enjoyed working with students who were playful and kind. They played Simon Says, distributed donated hygiene materials, and played educational games as well. Overall students were active and eager to see us. Standards 4, 5, and 6 were extremely intelligent and had a firm grasp of their alphabet and phonetics. We are looking forward to bringing dictionaries and school supplies to them tomorrow. We are truly blessed and enjoying ourselves.

Today was a productive and exciting day at Pueblo Viejo. Ben, Bob, Madison, and Thomas worked diligently to paint two rooms a vibrant blue and pink. Throughout the week we will be painting and making repairs to their campus. Ann, Kathy, and Lindsey taught hygiene and got to share the letters from All Saints students and were even able to watch the students respond to their letters. They were so inquisitive and kind! We were invited to lunch by our principal and had plantains, chicken, and rice and beans -not beans and rice. We are blessed to work with such an organized and caring group of educators.

On the way home we packed our van full to accommodate teachers traveling long distances home. The quote of the night goes to Thomas! When sitting on a tool box, in the back of the van with Lindsey, he said, "one more speed bump and i'll have to change my name to Stanley, because I'll have Stanley permanently imprinted on my butt from the tool box."

We are now back and working hard to prepare for tomorrow. We are planning lessons, printing pictures, packing supplies, and cutting laminate. Until we write again...

-The Belize Team June 2014

June 15th 2014

Happy Fathers Day!

We began our morning with gathering as a group and preparing for our day visiting villages. Madison and Sam, our college girls, have been pleasantly surprised by our living arrangements. They thought we were headed for huts with no running water! They are enjoying themselves and are eager to help.

We were blessed to celebrate mass in the village of Aquacate. The liturgical music and the Ketchi language were very unique. Afterwards, Jim delivered the donated baseball equipment to the principal, Mr. Louis. We are certainly surrounded by talented individuals. The young men, playing volleyball, finished fourth in district. Whereas the baseball team went to nationals twice with both young men and young women. This amazing feat was accomplished while only sharing five baseball gloves- imagine what they'll accomplish now!

We were also fortunate enough to visit our friends in San Lucas today. It was so great to introduce the newbies to places we've been and see our efforts at work. Miss Ann enjoyed catching up with all of the families- stopping frequently along the rode to greet friends by name. Derlene enjoyed catching up with all of her young friends- can you say bracelets?!

After a lovely dinner with visiting friends, Nestor and Marcelia Assi and their son Ezner, we are winding down and preparing for tomorrow. They boys are currently competing on the shuffleboard. Ben and Bob took the cake tonight, before the week is over I have a feeling we will be crowning a champion.

The June 2014 Belize Team

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday- June 15th 2014

Good Morning from Belize-


We have arrived safely and fully intact after a long day of travel. Thomas has already fallen in love with the countryside; so much so he even left a piece of his wardrobe at Cheers- a restaurant we stopped at alongside the highway. Everyone signed his All Saints anniversary shirt and it now graces the ceilings at Cheers, alongside another shirt of ours from a pervious trip.


After a ride through the hills it was nice to be greeted by our lovely hosts. We spent the night catching up with each other and sharing memories.  The men played shuffleboard- with Thomas and Jim defeating the defending champion, Bob- with ease. One of our hostesses, Danielle, offered to run us through a yoga sequence- we're excited!


It is certainly the rainy season. The ladies slept in Casitas with "princess mosquito nets" surrounding us. Yet, we are ready for our day! We are planning on visiting Aquacate for mass this morning if the weather allows.  We have friends visiting us today as well, Mr. Vernon and teachers from San Lucas will be visiting shortly. We are certainly blessed to be here and look forward to the adventures to come!