Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jan. 11, 2017 Belize Mission

Yesterday was a truly cool and breezy day in the villages.  Everyone accomplished much and many of our team became expert tortilla makers. Of course a few had their tortillas fed to the dogs because they were not round.   Emya's family treated us to a wonderful dinner, good company and delicious breadfruit in the village of San Marcos.

Wednesday was a  true Belizian Day!  Beautiful sunshine in the morning and lots of humidity that turns into a calming slow rain in the afternoon!

San Lucas--- so many great experiences to share.....the construction crew is almost finished with the cross tile floor in the church.  20 or so more tiles to complete it. They have been on there knees in church for three days :)
As part of their appreciation one of the village elders invited the construction crew to lunch for rice and chicken.  

The geography and math lessons were shared with the San Lucas students. As it turned out the principal there has an opportunity to attend two days of a workshop and with us covering classes he was able to attend.

Ann and Fr. Don had the privilege to travel to all the high schools where we have scholarship students. Each one is doing very well and were glad to have their photo take with Fr. Don.  Good grades and great students are words we like to hear.

Otoxha classes were very welcoming as we did not get to go there yesterday.  Pen pal letters and art lessons were fun, the sock puppet caterpillars  that turned into butterflies were a cute activity too.

Blue Creek is a school that has been inviting for many years and we were able to arrange the schedule to visit them four days this week!  Yeah.  Their teachers are friends we have met before and were so glad to have us come meet their new students.  Our Health and Hygiene team had a great time working with children of all the ages AND had a great time shopping with the lady crafters afterwards as they waited for our vans to arrive. 

Tonight we enjoyed a relaxing dinner at the retreat house with Fr. Vo and Andy, a young man spending time in Jesuit missions as part of his decision making process.  He has only been here one week, but will be spending 5 months traveling and learning about mission parishes. 

All is well as we continue our walk with the Mayans.


  1. This is so cool--to be able to see your witness! Thanks for setting this up and taking the love of God from All Saints to Belize!

  2. So glad things are running smoothly, Mary. What you all are doing is amazing. Wish I could be doing something like that. Here we are having an ice storm throughout the weekend. Please pray that our power doesn't go out. You know how I do in the cold weather, even with power. :o) God bless you.