Wednesday, June 21, 2017


........our first ice cold drink in two days! There we picked up a young couple with a seven month old child and gave them a ride to the village of Blue Creek. They were extremely grateful and we were happy to spend the ride chatting with them and holding their little one. Upon arrival we were joined by Olive, our local high school scholarship administrator, and we ate another wonderful meal and began preparing for the next day. To our surprise Craig came into the room with a giant spider (about the size of the palm of my hand) that he had captured. It was a tarantula! Nope, not kidding one bit!!!! I must say that most of us shook our sheets out & slept with one eye open for a portion of the night!
On Tuesday the STEM team headed to the village of Santa Cruz with the religion team. The art, health, drama and entertainment team headed to the village of San Elena. The children were thrilled to participate in the video exchange with All Saints School. The water team continued their efforts in Otoxha and the construction team moved ahead in San Vincente. After leaving we happened along a water fall at Rio Blanco Falls where we rolled up our scrub pants and waded into the brisk, clear water.....naked. JUST KIDDING!!!!! Seriously, just kidding! And this is the kind of humor and laughs that have bonded this team! We stopped at Dump, a popular "cool spot", for refreshments and then headed to Punta Gorda to pick up the Assi family. How we wish we had Google maps available for this trip!!! Another later than expected meal was enjoyed by all and followed with the evening gathering of supplies and last minute planning. 
Until tomorrow.........
Amanda & The Belize Mission Team 

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