Monday, January 8, 2018

Sunday in Belize

We left the Retreat Center this morning for the LONG ride to Otoxha. The roads were in bad shape, but Father Don was saying Mass so they couldn't start without us! It was a lovely service with lots of music. After Mass, the recently retired principal, Mr. Manuel, presented each team member with hand woven bags (cuxtals). After Mass, we were invited to stay for lunch, but since we were expected at the next village for another Mass, so half of us stayed and the others went on to Dolores.

We enjoyed another beautiful Mass and got to meet the friendly people in Dolores. While we were there the construction team walked through the forest to the location for the new spring boxes.

We took the long way home, stopping at every village along the way to visit old friends and buy crafts! It was a VERY long and bumpy ride! The first van was about 40 minutes from home when we came across a school bus that was stuck in the mud and blocking the road. This meant we had to turn back and take the LONG LONG way back. All part of the adventure.

Quote of the day: While driving past a burned out field, someone asked what was planted there and was told BEANS. Jill didn't miss a beat and said BLACK BEANS. To which Father Don replied, REFRIED BEANS.

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