Friday, January 5, 2018

The 10 Year Journey Continues!

It's hard to believe that the first All Saints Mission trip to Belize was 10 years ago this week!  

The January 2018 team is all packed (well, some of us will be packing at midnight!) and ready to meet up at the airport at 3:45 am!  The early morning takeoff sounds bad, but it actually is a bonus as it gets us into Belize in the early afternoon, with time to stop for a quick dinner before the five hour bus ride to Punta Gorda.  

Much like in the Midwest, Belize is experiencing a cold snap, it will only be in the 70s and low 80s this week.  Sorry, couldn't resist 😀

We will be teaching in our four usual "January" villages; Blue Creek, San Lucas, Corazon Creek and Otoxha.  In addition we will also be in the very remote village of Dolores.  Apparently it is a very short walk through the rain forest from Dolores into Guatemala.  We've been advised NOT to try this.  We've got math, STEM, language arts, music, science, health, and art lessons prepared for the children.   
The construction project will be building two concrete spring boxes to help improve the supply of fresh water in Dolores.  The construction team will have to get an earlier start each day as Dolores is a 2+ hour drive, down some of the bumpiest dirt roads in the entire country of Belize.
Several of the nurses on the team will be hosting talks with the women and girls in all five villages.  These "Girl Talks" have been very well received.

Watch here for updates while we are in Belize, internet access is sketchy, so don't be concerned if we cant post for a day or two.  Please pray for the safety of our team and the success of our mission as we work with our fiends (old and new!) in Belize. 

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